MARC Advertising is a Full-Service Marketing & Advertising firm consisting of committed, dynamic and talented professionals. Our mission is to efficiently and effectively broadcast your presence by delivering your unique message to your audience and helping you grow your customer base.

The truth is, your business needs Great advertising. The rapid growth of your business depends upon an effective and strategic way of communicating to your customers. Our service is vital to the branding of your business as we get your ad directly into the customer’s hands and homes.

Furthermore, we offer you tailored solutions to fit your company’s industry. We do all of this, including graphic design and distribution of your ad campaign at an affordable price, which no one else can offer

What We can do for You:

What are our customers saying about us?

MARC Advertising is professional and efficient. The work, marketing and print, they do for us is impeccable. As a not for profit charity, our funds are limited. MARC always takes this into consideration providing the best deal for our dollar.

- Lyn Scott

Safe to say they were very professional and easy to deal with from the next phone call.. they had everything done and ready to go absolutely perfect within a few days also. The advertisement turned out great and I am very happy with it! Well worth the few bucks that was spent and i'm sure it will pay for it self. We will definitely be doing more work together in the future! I highly recommend them

- Andrew Mroz

MARC Advertising helped grow my business. If you are looking to generate new leads, I highly recommend giving MARC Advertising a try. I was pleasantly surprised with how well things worked out.

- Aaron B

Please allow us to brag a little!

  • We have built relationships with over 40,000 advertising clients, throughout North America
  • The majority of our clients are small to medium size businesses, however, we’ve had the pleasure of working with over 5,000 prominent brands
  • Our Bagvertising program, produces over 1,000,000 Fabric Reusable Shopping Bags a year
  • Our print program, produces over 10 million flyers a year
  • Most importantly, we think our people are really awesome!

A Few of Our Great Distribution Partners

MARC Advertising has partnered with variety of brands, providing them with a creative and effective marketing tool to build their brand and give a helping hand to local businesses.